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Guarantee Your diamond investment

11/10/2008 2:52:36 PM  Anna

Guarantee Your Investment Won’t Go Down the Drain

 If you own a diamond ring, no doubt you’ve experienced this: you look down at your ring finger and realize it’s gone.  It was on your finger a minute ago, maybe less, just before you took it off to do the dishes.  You’re sure you put it on the side of the sink, just like always.  But now it’s not there.  You panic.  You eye the drain suspiciously.


Breathe, you tell yourself, as you gaze at those big, gaping holes in the drain.  You start to wonder, for the first time in your life, about the inner workings of a drain: is it like a black hole, where things go in but don’t ever come out?  Or maybe – hopefully – there’s a small ledge in there, something, anything that your ring could’ve gotten stuck on?  


Surely your husband knows about this plumbing stuff.  But you don’t really want to tell him that the symbol of your everlasting love, the diamond ring on which he spent his life savings, might be taking a one-way trip down your city’s sewage pipes.


The actress Jennifer Garner didn’t tell her movie-star husband, Ben Affleck, when she lost her ring.  She was playing with it absentmindedly when it rolled into the drain of the ice maker.  Garner immediately called the plumber, who delicately dismantled the ice maker and rescued her precious piece of jewelry. 


For many of us, a diamond ring is our most valuable possession: a combination of sentimental value and actual value. You want to do everything you can to protect it.


Unfortunately, a diamond ring doesn’t come with a warranty like a washing machine or a stereo system.  There’s no serviceman you can call to come to your house to fix the situation. And we don’t all have Jennifer Garner’s brilliant plumber on speed dial. 


So, to protect your valuable jewelry, here are some tips:


1. Check your renters/homeowners insurance policy. 

Most policies cover jewelry up to a set limit, and you can usually opt to pay more for diamond ring insurance.  Get your diamond appraised, and know the exact reimbursement amount before you commit.


2. Observe patterns of removal.

The bathroom and kitchen sink are common places where people remove their diamond rings.  Consider purchasing a special dish, or stand, where you can put your ring.


3. Make sure you have drain strainers.

Chances are that you already have these on your kitchen sink to keep out all those food particles, but double-check the shower and bathtub drains.  It never hurts to be on the safe side.  Drain strainers cost just a few bucks at your local hardware store.


4. Keep your receipt and record identifying information.

In the event that you do lose your diamond ring, you’ll want to report it to the police with as much specific information as possible.  And, if your ring is found, this will make the retrieval process much easier.


5. Don’t Panic!

Freaking out isn’t going to help you find anything.  Chances are that your ring is somewhere obvious.  Having someone else search for you is a great idea.


Finally, remember that your diamond ring is one of your safest investments – especially in these times of financial turmoil, when it seems like the economy is going down the drain. Following these simple tips will help you and your precious diamond ring stay afloat.