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Manhattan Bar Selling $1000 Oscar-Night Drinks

2/23/2009 11:45:03 AM  Lucy Chandler

$1000 Oscar Night DrinkFor $1000 per drink, wealthy Manhattanites can watch the Oscars in style at The Hudson Library Bar on W. 58th Street.  For that amount, some might expect a diamond ring would be included in the price.  The midtown Manhattan bar featured the ultra-expensive Illy Issimo Academy Gold Cocktails during the Academy Awards, and anyone willing to pay the seemingly-outrageous price could drink one.

German television correspondent Silke Haas said that she would only pay that amount for a drink if it included "a Cartier ring or some diamond jewelry", although either one can cost far more than $1000.  There were many patrons at the bar who did not purchase the drink, but watched the Oscars there. 

The drink, made from rum, Illy Issimo Latte Macchiato, lime juice and strawberry puree also included a floating miniature Italian gold Oscar statue, and the glass in which it was served--a martini glass, of course--was rimmed with edible gold.

The good news?  All proceeds from this extremely expensive drink went to charity, although none was specified at the time of printing.